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Mount Pleasant Hotel

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2 stars2 stars
The AA hotel stars 2 star Hotel
Mount Pleasant Hotel
50 Belle Vue Terrace
Malvern WR14 4PZ
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About: The Mount Pleasant hotel has stunning views of the river Severn and surrounding hills. Situated in Central Malvern opposite to the Malvern theatre,shops and direct access to the hills.New Spring restaurant and bar serving fabulous food and wine in comfortable relaxed atmosphere.

Getting there: Take the M5 to junction 7 follow the signs to Malvern from there and follow the A449 down to Central Malvern. We are situated opposite The Priory Church and only ten minutes walk from Great Malvern Railway Station.

Room prices per night from: £58.00 GBP (€ EUR, USD)

Guest rating: 4 rating4 rating4 rating4 ratingno rating

Mount Pleasant Hotel, Malvern

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