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Jessop House

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Jessop House
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About: Situated in the heart of Tewkesbury and a stones throw from Tewkesbury Abbey, The Jessop Townhouse, with its restrained fašade conceals a building of great charm that offers spacious well equipped en-suite rooms. Experience the splendour of medieval Tewkesbury the Cotswolds from the comfort of one of Tewkesbury's finest 18th century townhouses. As a privately owned hotel personal service is at the heart of everything we do. Affordable, stylish and comfortable, The Jessop Townhouse has all the essential ingredients for an enjoyable and relaxed stay.

Getting there: Directions: The Jessop Townhouse is in the centre of Tewkesbury, about 1.5 miles from the M5 (junction 9). From the centre of town (at the roundabout with the memorial cross), drive towards the Abbey and turn 2nd right at St Mary's Lane (marked by the x on the map). Way Point N51░ 59.495' W 002░ 09.666'.

Room prices per night from: £59.00 GBP (€ EUR, USD)

Guest rating: 5 rating5 rating5 rating5 rating5 rating

Jessop House, Tewkesbury

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