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Hotels in Kauniainen

Compare prices and book rooms in hotels in Kauniainen / Uusimaa / Finland

Hotels in Kauniainen

Hotel Helka33 starsHelsinki7.4 miles
Airport Hotel Bonus Inn33 starsVantaa Helsinki Airport9.2 miles
Best Western Hotel Tigra33 starsCesis201.4 miles
Hotel Baltvilla44 starsRiga221.0 miles
Annabella33 starsRiga224.0 miles
Hotel "skanste"33 starsRiga225.2 miles
Boutique Hotel Viesturs33 starsRiga225.4 miles
Domina Inn Riga44 starsRiga225.7 miles
Albert HotelNN starsRiga225.8 miles
City Hostel22 starsRiga225.8 miles
Hotel Enkurs33 starsRiga225.8 miles
Boutique Hotel Man-tess33 starsRiga226.5 miles
Hotel Riga44 starsRiga226.5 miles
Hotel "forums"NN starsRiga226.6 miles
Red Roofs HostelNN starsRiga226.6 miles
Boutique Monte Kristo33 starsRiga226.7 miles
Hanza Hotel33 starsRiga226.7 miles
Avalon Hotel44 starsRiga226.7 miles
Garden Palace44 starsRiga226.7 miles
Maritim Park Hotel Riga44 starsRiga227.1 miles

Compare hotel prices and check out great hotel deals in Kauniainen. We have collected data from leading hotel booking systems, giving you the choice to book exclusive Kauniainen hotels for discounted bargain price. Book 5 star hotel in Kauniainen for the price of 3.

We have collected the best selection of hotels in Kauniainen, Uusimaa and the choice that we are able to offer is simply amazing. Most of the hotels are located in the heart of Kauniainen or close proximity to the cities of Uusimaa, Finland.

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